Wednesday, March 23, 2016


     So I found this cute fuzzy jumper that I would never wear, but then i decided to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try. I both it and suddenly I imagined myself in it and I loved the way it looked. I knew leggings would be perfect with that jumper (because I love leggings and they are perfect for everything in my mind :D) , and than my favorite boots and my new coat.... I just love that outfit. Its so comfy and soft... I just love it..

     And here are few links, so you  want some of the items or similar to them you can find them there:


  1. Boxy Fuzzy Knit Sweater
  2. Fuzzy Knit Ribbed Sweater


  1. Platform Boots


  1. Jersey Leggings


     I sewed this coat by myself ,but here are some similar one's. And these coats inspired me to sew my own:

  1. ASOS Oversized Waterfall Coat
  3. Long Sleeve Solid Color Trench Coat
  4. Turn-Down Collar Pocket Design Coat

Monday, March 21, 2016

Easy and fast everyday eye make-up tutorials.

     Each of us sometimes have the days when we feel lazy or are already late for something, but don't want to leave the house without make-up. Here are some of my favorite eye makeup looks for those days! :)

Easy and fast everyday eye make-up tutorials.
Easy and fast everyday eye make-up tutorials.

Easy and fast everyday eye make-up tutorials.
Easy and fast everyday eye make-up tutorials.

Easy and fast everyday eye make-up tutorials.
Easy and fast everyday eye make-up tutorials.

Easy and fast everyday eye make-up tutorials.
Easy and fast everyday eye make-up tutorials.
They all are very easy and you can do them within 5 minutes.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

TOP 10 Fashion Trends For Spring 2016

      Have you ever wondered.. .how would you  look in those fancy designer outfits you see on runway's?  I have! But I can't imagine my self wearing that kind of clothes in everyday bases. So here are some tips and ideas how to incorporate High fashion trends in your everyday look.

1.Cold Shoulders.

     Off shoulder is back again. But this time it's limitless. Dresses, blouses, shirts, cardigans ,even coats.

     I love this trend, because you can easily incorporate it in your everyday look without any effort.

This off the shoulder sweater is the perfect casual look that looks great with anything!: Love this Cut Out Shoulder Sweater: LivvyLand // periwinkle off the shoulder top!:

2. White Shirt Redux

     Classic is back, but this time it feels lush  and more feminine. 

     In my opinion, this is the easiest one. You can wear ''the classic white shirt'' whit almost everything.

Love the shirt. The skirt is way too much for me, but this idea is really elegant and a different skirt/shoe combo would make it transition well from work to evening. -LW: A camel coat, a white button-down, and skinny jeans: Black Maxi Skirt and White Button Down Shirt / Hallie Daily:
Fab outfit with lovely loafers!:

3.Lingerie Feeling.

     Lace, silk ,lace, silk... It's all about lace and silk. These two are lingerie's go to's , but why we have to hide this amazing combination under all off the cloth layers?

     Want to feel feminine and sexy in your outfit? Wear bralette under something cosy and you are ready to go! :)

Perfect summer outfit. Teen fashion. Tumblr outfit. Highwaisted jean shorts. Black lace bralette. And cardigan.: Black + white chic.: Ensemble:

4. Art Class! 

     It's all about mixing! More texture, more feelings, more everything!

     In this one your main task is to be as childish as possible- mix different colors, materials, textures and fabrics. 
lace ruffles and leather ♥✤ | KeepSmiling | BeStayClassy: Leather & knits. More fashion and beauty inspiration over at Would love to see any of these pieces in a fix. Or anything inspired by these pieces.:  


     Feels like something old ...


Pleated skirt is your best friend in this one. Mix it with something cute and you're ready to go! Simple as that. 

Summer Neutrals love the leather straps in the back: spring, summer, black and floral tank, black skirt, red heels, black bag: Pleated skirts are everywhere at thrift stores. Pair with linen sweater to recreate this easy summer look.:

6.Ruffled Up.

     Ruffles? They can make any outfit flirty..


     For you and me ruffles are easy. They're so cute don't you think?

Shop Pink Sweetheart Ruffle Detail V Back Crop Top from .Free shipping Worldwide.$9.99:  Fall Must Have:  Ruffles Blazer:

7.Let It Shine!

     It's so luminous! 


     Anything shiny will do the job. Glitters, frippery, chains and many other things. But there are one rule... Make sure it's shining!!

Wow this jacket is absolutely dazzling! Worn with simple cut offs, white tee and a golden tan it definately gets a thumbs up in festival chic and how to stand out in the crowd. #streetstyle #sequins #fashion:   The Closer by Bradamant is so classy and stylish!:

8.Stripes All The Way.
     Not only sailors wear the stripes. 


     I thing every girl has to have something stripy. Check your closet, even the deepest corners, and you will find something. Stripes never leave us.

Damsel in Dior | Running with Stripes:   A great everyday look, skinny black pants, loafers, striped long-sleeve tee and the classic trench for those cooler fall days | photos of Jacey @ Damsel In Dior ~ debra Dust Jacket on Bloglovin’ The:  This Dress Is Cute As Hell! <3 I Plan On buying this in the near future maybe a treat for myself? ;) Its Only 18 bucks too:  A high-quality, adorable striped cardigan that will take you from yoga, to errands, to a coffee date! A great transitional piece for your wardrobe!:

9.Wrap Something!

     Wrap yourself in cloth they said..


    This wrapping reminds me of some kind of beach look... or BoHo...  Feel free to express yourself!

Boho crochet top & wrap skirt:   Unstructured shirt with ruffle trim. Could make with pre-made trim. Shirt by Sara Wurcker, Hunter  Grey Leather Wrap Skirt:

10. Get Tied Up!

     But in the end we have to tie something together don't you think?  Ourselves maybe.


     Belt is the best thing that can help you in this one! 

It’s always fun to try new things when it comes to fashion. I personally love trying new looks with my wardrobe because, if I don’t, I feel like I get tired of the same old outfits over and over again. One …:   Belted:  Funk up your office attire! Suits are no longer only menswear staples. Check out our...:

     Fashion sometimes can be weird and different, but we have to see something beautiful in it and make it wearable and likable. You can bring runway fashion in your everyday style with small details or accents, just be creative! :)